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Freight Factoring Companies Georgia

Freight Factoring Companies

What is freight factoring?

Freight factoring companies offer payment upfront for work you have already done. We pay you for your invoices and collect the money from the owing companies so you don't have to wait. You have made your deliveries. You have done the work, but it often takes 30 to 90 days for a company to process its A/R and send you a check. In the meantime you have projects waiting on that money. Neal Freeman Investments (www.nealfreeman.com) cuts out the wait time and pays you now. Our competitive rates and fast, easy service put us at the top of the list of freight factoring companies in Georgia.

Choosing Between Freight Factoring Companies in Georgia

Freight Factoring Companies Georgia

While there are other freight factoring companies in Georgia, we offer one of the most competitive rates out there. Our easy to use online application process gets you started in no time. We have many payment options so you can receive your money in the way that is most convenient for you. We even offer same-day cash, so there is zero delay!

In addition to these benefits of using our freight factoring service in Georgia, we also have no minimum volume or invoice size requirements. We pay you now for any qualifying invoice of any amount.

We understand how frustrating it can be to be falling behind on your own debt because you have delivered to a company who is slow to pay or is particularly difficult to collect from at all. You did your part. You should be paid for it. We take the hassle of collection off your shoulders and get you the money you need to stay afloat or even expand.

There are no contract term requirements, set-up fess or other hidden catches. We are a straightforward freight factoring company who cares about our clients. We are available to answer any of your questions and help you get paid for the work you have completed.

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Truck Factoring Companies:

Freight Factoring Companies:

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Why use Factoring

  • Competitive Rates as low as 1.25%
  • Same Day Funding
  • No Set-up Fees
  • No Contract Term Requirement
  • Fuel Card Available

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